A matching pairs game created with your photographs

Photo matching pairs – matching pairs game designed with your beloved photos

Designable cards
Individual game box
48 or 72 cards available (2.36 x 2.36 inch)
from $45.99
Product description

How does it happen again and again that a photo matching pairs game is favoured by children as well as by adults? The answer is not hard to find, a photo matching pairs game with beloved photos is not just a very special give away idea, it is a playing joy for all the members of a family as well. Design a self made photo matching pairs card game with just a few clicks. Every single photo will automatically be printed on two cards.

Easy to go – the quite easy understandable game principle

The matching pairs game cards have to be shuffled and then to be put face down on the table or floor, or wherever you like. The photo matching pairs game is about turning around two cards at a time and in doing so, finding as many matching pairs with the same photo as possible. When no cards are left in the middle, each player counts his pairs and the one with the most cards has won.

See your best photos with every play

The photo matching pairs game cards, designed by the one and only you, may contain friends, home animals or places you`ve visited – all those photos, taken from your most valuable photo archive. It`s so nice to see these beautiful photos again everytime you turn a card around. This changes a simple card game into a very interesting matching pairs game.

Let the brain work and test your memory

A lot of concentration, some patience and especially a functioning memory is necessary to win this game after all. Wake the brain with this game. Search matching photo pairs preferably with family and best friends. A photo matching pairs game is a beloved cards game for every generation. It brings young and old together and makes them spend joyful gaming evenings.

A nice box for your photo matching pairs

Good looking and robust: the strong cards game box is recommended for keeping your photo matching pairs cards in. To give your photo matching pairs a special touch, we offer the possibility to write a personal dedication on this box.
In case this personally designed matching pairs card game is meant as a special gift, you might use the card game box as a gift box. With a choice of several templates, you`re able to create something very personal. We are sure the recipient will love it!